Through inquiring into my personal role as an artist, over time I
have learned to trust in the varied and unpredictable ways my work
manifests itself. Although my skills have evolved since childhood,
my communion with form and color has remained consistent and

My initial ideas arrive from varied sources; dreams, media, nature,
intuition, etc. Often I don't know exactly what my relationship is to
the images I create until I'm in the midst of the work or even after
it's completed. There's a process that begins to emerge; the playful
interaction of light, shadow and color driven by curiosity and
sustained by complete immersion. If I'm successful, something
deeper begins to present itself and guides the process. Hopefully
something of the process is passed on to the viewer.

My images are created on a Mac,using Photoshop as my platform.
I paint with the brush tool and sometimes incorporate photo
elements, varnishes and acrylic paint.

I'm really excited about state of the art printing technology that
continues to evolve. We're seeing digital fine art and photography in
formats that provide depth and color saturation never before seen.
It's particularly satisfying to experience my work in formats that
deliver the intended result.